Reflections: The Weight

Life on mission is so filled with blessings. It's also chock full of opportunities to confront new realities. Ups and downs can include everything from being unsure of your day to day duties to not knowing where you're going to live month to month (shout out to Home Affairs). Through it all though there are opportunities for reflection, and for me that reflection is often prompted by music. The other day I was listening to one of my favorite songs, The Weight, by the Band, and the thoughts I've written below came flowing out. They'll give you an idea of some of the mental high notes of doing things you never dreamed you'd do in a place you never dreamed you'd live. If you have a minute extra, listen to Levon and the gang sing this with the Staples Singers. 

"Take a load off Annie"... I'm overcome with childlike optimism. Where can I live? Anywhere. What can I do? Anything. The way I feel is indescribable. It's like you've been given a gift at Christmas that you can turn into anything you choose, at a time of your choosing. 

What a beautiful feeling!

I've been blessed with creativity, with good health, with a perfect wife and family. I'm lifted up to greater heights with each affirmation. Ideas strike me like lightning and I can act like thunder, brashly and decisively. If they don't pan out there's nothing lost. The only loss is never trying. 

How was I born so fortunate? 

This is an infinitely more difficult question. As much as it sounds like a cop out it's true that I will never know that answer. One thing I know is that if we bury our talents we are doomed to suffer the fate of the wicked servant. "For he who has not, even what little he has will be taken from him."

What a paradox.

The best explanation I've received on this biblical instruction is that we must not view this parable in materialistic terms. When we envision the haves and the have nots we're thinking spiritually. "If you are lukewarm I will spit you out of my mouth" Here we are being told in no uncertain terms that God better not come back and find our talents only being used a little. In that unfortunate event, what little we had would be given to those who have everything and have made good on the talents invested in them.

Tomorrow is open. Both the possibilities and the responsibilities are boundless