Mission Life: Month 11

September 2018 is already behind us and that means we've been on this journey for over 11 months now and it is coming to a close. We can not believe all we have been able to experience in such a short time. We are overwhelmed with emotions as we are coming to a close on this chapter. We are very excited to get back home to family and friends (and our pup), but we are so sad to have to say goodbye.

Goodbyes are never easy, but it seems to be even more difficult when you aren't sure if it's only goodbye for now or maybe forever. We are currently in South Africa in Johannesburg for the rest of our time which means we already had to say our goodbyes to the people of Eswatini we have grown to know and love. It certainly wasn't easy, but we are comforted by the opportunity to leave things in a positive way and to have been able to say proper goodbyes.

The girls at St. Anne's were amazing and recited poetry they had written for me and presented me with a gift and so many kind words at their assembly. This also allowed me to let them know how much my time with them had meant and to say goodbye.

Josiah was able to give some basketball awards to the team at Salesian High and was able to address them at their assembly also. The boys then organized a game for him and presented him with a beautifully framed Salesian uniform shirt autographed by the team. We were then able to take them for pizza one more time afterwards. The kids from Manzini Youth Care were able to come to the Salesian community for a meal and movie night as a farewell.

September also allowed us to visit Mozambique with our Swazi mom who was so generous in showing us her home country and even allowing us to stay in her family home. It was certainly a true adventure on public transport and being unable to speak the language (Portuguese), but an amazing time. We were able to try our first coconut and drink the water from it on a beautiful African beach. It was an exhausting 26 hours, but totally worth it! All in all it has been an amazing last full month in Africa.

We will spend the remainder of our time here in Joburg at the provincial house working with Father Sean to (hopefully) finish once and for all the big proposal we have spent the majority of the year here working on.

Mission Life: Month Eleven
A few seconds a day in the life of two Salesian Lay Missioners in Eswatini and a little bit of Mozambique too!

In other news this month say some prayers for the people of Eswatini, especially the students and teachers. The students are beginning their exams and recently the teachers have voted to strike due to their low income and no pay increase for several years. Due to this and their attempt to march they were met with force from the police and now some students are being given their exams by law enforcement or military. Please pray for a peaceful, swift, and fair resolution for all involved to happen soon!

Thank you all so much for all your support on this journey. We are eternally grateful!