Mission Life: Month 7

This month has been quite a busy one to say the least. It seems April lasted for several months while we were missing our families at Easter and waiting for the halfway mark of our mission to come. Since then however May seems to have lasted only a week and now we are looking at a short 5 months left here. This month has offered many challenges as well as rewards. I have increased my time with the girls at St. Anne's in hopes of also maximizing their benefit. Josiah has started accompanying me to Hope House and we are learning each visit to be grateful for our lives, our health, and also the strength of those we come in contact with who despite their circumstances are always grateful. I have also taken on a larger role with the social welfare team at Manzini Youth Care and have greatly enjoyed revisiting my child welfare and case management role. We have had some visitors this month as well to include the provincial council team from Johannesburg whom we miss so much. It was great having them in the community here in Eswatini with us even if they made us work a little harder than normal during their visit. Josiah continues to be a grant writing wizard and Lebron James to the kids here. He is truly amazing and I am so impressed by him all the time. Recently we hosted a sports blitz day as they call it at Salesian where other schools came and competed in basketball, street soccer, table tennis, and volleyball. All the kids had a wonderful time and the adults as well! The basketball team from Salesian made it to the championship game and were amazing on and off the court. They have improved so much since we arrived and they love the game. After the game we decided we would reward their hard work with pizza. Those boys at pizza....that's something I hope to never forget! They were so polite. They insisted we couldn't pay for everything as it was unfair and started collecting coins from everyone to buy drinks. They waited until each person had a plate and insisted on grace before eating. They were so excited to find 6 large pizzas for (even for 17 people!) and talked about how "no one was going home hungry today". They were truly grateful and we were truly humbled. These kids are going to be so hard to leave. Swazi youth are REMARKABLE. For all the letdowns and dysfunction we sometimes face, these kids are truly amazing and are truly a pure image of God's face. I know we have seen Christ in those we have met here and for that we have been truly blessed! We hope to share with you the pure joy we experienced at our pizza announcement in the video below!

Video Journal

Month seven: a few seconds a day in the lives of two Salesian Lay Missioners in Eswatini.

In other news this month we also got to climb Sheeba's breast as well as enjoy soccer time with the boys and some time with Father Sean who is the reason we were sent here in the first place. All in all another wonderful month.